The Sonic Master

The Sonic Master creates Minecraft maps, develops open-source software, and publishes Minecraft videos on YouTube.
The Sonic Master is best known for developing mcpelauncher-thesonicmaster, the fork of the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Linux launcher, which fixes the license error. The Sonic Master is also known for several Minecraft maps which have been featured by known influencers.

Everything The Sonic Master

Minecraft Maps

The Sonic Master is known for creating Minecraft maps for the Bedrock Edition of the game. They range from parkour maps to adventure maps and more. You can check them out yourself by clicking here:


This is The Sonic Master's fork of the Minecraft Bedrock Linux launcher which fixes the license error. For more information, click here:

YouTube Videos

Our YouTube channel is home to all of The Sonic Master's videos. Click here to discover all the videos, and if you enjoy them, you may consider subscribing too:

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