The Sonic Master's Website

Welcome to The Sonic Master's (yet again) new website!

The Sonic Master Logo

Rewritten? Again?

It has been rewritten to better reflect The Sonic Master. Hopefully this will be the last rewrite for a while.

As a reminder, the original website can still be found archived at

Introduction to The Sonic Master:

The Sonic Master is a free (as in freedom) software developer, a YouTuber, an Anti-DRM activist, and a Minecraft map creator.

The Sonic Master does not make profit nor intend to, however contributions and donations are accepted. More about that below.

Some projects of The Sonic Master, as well as other related things:


There are many ways you can contribute to The Sonic Master, including the following:


You are welcome to join the Discord Server, if you want to be part of the community.

After joining the Discord server, you can send a Discord direct message to The Sonic Master if you must discuss something personal. Otherwise, asking in the server is preferred.

Note For Discord: Please do take note of the fact that timezones exist, and therefore you may not get a response immediately. If you asking a question, you should be patient for up to 24 hours for a response.

If you want to support us, donations are appreciated. For now, you can donate through PayPal. Other payment methods will be added in the future.