The Sonic Master's all-new website!

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Welcome to The Sonic Master’s all-new website!

This is the brand new website of The Sonic Master. It is home to information about everything The Sonic Master, plus links to our projects and the latest news from us. It’s now also open source!

To join the community, get support, and keep in the know about new changes and updates to The Sonic Master and our projects, feel free to join our Official Discord Server.

About The Sonic Master

The Sonic Master develops open-source software, including our fork of the Minecraft Bedrock Linux launcher which fixes the license error (mcpelauncher-thesonicmaster).

Our Offical Discord Server is where our community is most active. Here you can stay in the know about new changes and updates to The Sonic Master, chat with other members of the community, get support, share your own creations, and more.

We also have a YouTube channel where we record Minecraft gaming videos and how-to videos for things like the Minecraft Bedrock Linux launcher.

To see all our open-source projects, check out our GitHub page.

This is fan art of The Sonic Master, created by the community, usually based off The Sonic Master’s Minecraft skin.


There are many ways you can contribute to The Sonic Master, including:

Final Notes

This new website is not fully complete yet, and development is still ongoing. If you have suggestions for improvements/additions, feel free to let us know in our Discord server.